nathan, the sheep

nathan, the sheep

what is fun about nathan are all of the possibilities for greetings, like:
    • i love ewe  • missing ewe  • ewe did it!   • etc!

if you would like any cards of nathan, just email the greeting you would like, and we will hand print them in a fun way at no extra charge!

i met nathan at the animal shelter while picking up a dog for another rescue. nathan had been spoken for, so he was safe, but he didn't know it yet. he would not quit baaing until i came and talked to him, then he was happy. he did this three times until i finally had to leave.

nathan was instrumental in my decision to live cruelty-free. another term for "vegan." i had a calling earlier, but somehow ignored it, because the animals whose lives were at stake were so remote. i love dogs, and they bring so much joy, that rescuing them is just one way of giving back to them. but what about other animals, like nathan, the remote ones, the ones i have never met? they experience feelings too, and pain and suffering. they need rescuing too!!

nathan reminded me of the millions of farm animals who suffer from the moment they are born until ultimately, they suffer a cruel death. with so many options available to me of cruelty-free food, cosmetics, clothing, etc, it only takes a small effort on my part to make caring choices. this is how i can save many more animals than i could ever rescue personally.

please take a look at my favorite cruelty-free websites.

here is the real nathan, isn't he a cutie?

nathan, the sheep


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